AURA HOUSE is a new online store and publishing concept. It was developed and designed to encourage novel reflections on the possibilities of online space for displaying, narrating and promoting a more progressive relationship with contemporary production methods across a range of creative fields. Material consideration, exploration and innovation lay at the heart of our search for new objects. Our aim is to highlight the act of making and give attention to the people behind the products.

We are here to share and support the creative community of emerging brands, designers and artists who share our vision and goals. In today’s digital world we may already notice that many advocate a return to craft, with more objects made from clay, metal, glass or wood.

We are opposed to throwaway culture and promote local and small production, drawing attention to the objects with a sense of purpose and value, which are created to stay with us for a long time. AURA HOUSE operates within a three-part framework – AH Profiles, AH Store and AH Journal.