My Heart Has Yearned For a Thing I Cannot Name is the inaugural issue of AH JOURNAL and explores our desire for making, collecting, communicating, wearing and reinventing objects by bringing insights from different fields and exploring varying scales and chronologies of connections we make with the objects around us. Taking Rene Magritte’s painting Personal Values (1952) and its invitation to rethink our relationship with ordinary items, and encourage the imaginary and narrative leaps beyond the picture frame, this issue attempts to offer new prisms through which to consider our world through objects.

MAKING. Nao Matsunaga
Between the Everyday and the Extraordinary
DSC_1620 (2)
The Japanese artist talks about his approach to making and new discoveries on mythical and ceremonial objects encountered during his six months residency at Victoria and Albert museum, London.

COLLECTING. Kunstkammer
The Poetry of Things

Exploring our desire for collecting and ways in which collections open our eyes to the world around us. What can personal collections reveal about us and the why we collect what we collect?

Stich and Heal

Designers Siv Støldal, Ida Falck Øien and Harald Lunde Helgesen behind Norwegian collaborative fashion label HAiK talk about being inside people’s wardrobes, using collected individual stories as knowledge tools and the importance of stitching and repairing clothes.
Still Life Materialism
A brief history of the human desire for communicating and representing objects via images. What can we learn from the new wave of still life photography?
REINVENTING. James Shaw & Josh Bitelli
Tools in Hands

Designers share brief thoughts on new materials, production systems and hand-made tools.