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Material : Recycled paper, plaster, natural pigment
Colour: Marbled Black
Dimensions: 20 (diameter) x 9 (height) x 10 (base) cm
Handmade in Italy
Note: Made to Order (please allow two weeks)

Product Description

Laura Daza is a Colombian product and textile designer, artist and colour hunter. In Colour Provenance, her latest project, she set to recreate the ancient colour pigments, and to learn the way colour was once sourced, crafted and utilized before our reliance on mass production.

This set of Pigment Marbled vessels has been commissioned especially for AH in close dialogue with the designer. Inspired by the Italian Renaissance technique for fixing pigments and embellishing surfaces called ‘scagliola’ Laura crafted a collection of bespoke vessels made out of recycled paper on which she applied pigments from her Colour Provenance palette.

Based on ancient rituals of colour alchemy, the collection focuses on translating colour through objects and capturing these striking natural particles through unique marbled surfaces.

Materials such as recycled paper, plaster, natural pigments and gum arabic were
sourced and moulded into hand-made utilitarian vessels.


‘The deep black pigment’
Etymology: Niger
Source: Soot of resin, oil, tar or burnt fat
Chemical name: Amorphous carbon
Colour range: Deep bluish Black

Additional information

Weight 0.04 kg
Dimensions 5 x 3 x 10 cm