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Material: Silver
Dimensions: 82mm x 20mm
Made to Order
Special Note: Production time is 2 weeks
Handmade in London

Product Description

Rubbish Jewellery Collection

Hollie Paxton is a jewellery designer that works in direct response to her immediate surroundings. She found inspiration for the Rubbish Jewellery collection at her local flea market in Deptford. To make every fragment look as realistic as possible Hollie used several labour-intensive processes such as enamelling, fold forming, soldering, polishing and gold plating.

The collection inverts the idea of what can be precious, as the objects deemed disposable once solidified in a sense become eternalized; a snapshot of everyday life. Each piece is individually made from delicate silver and gold-plated silver sheets, which were carefully handled to create fine brooches and earrings.

Through recreating them in precious materials, she is interested in how our relationship with the object changes, possibly to the point where one would consider wearing ‘rubbish’.


Additional information

Weight 0.04 kg
Dimensions 5 x 3 x 10 cm