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T-shirt: Neoprene Jersey
Scarf: Neoprene Jersey and Japanese Viscose
Colour: Peach
Dimensions: One Size
Edition: One of a Kind
Handmade in London
Special Note: Sublimation printing process has been used to transfer dye onto t-shirt ensuring uniqueness of each item. Depending on the transferred image it can sometimes add a different colouring affect to the fabric.

Product Description

Alex McCarthy is London based textile designer specializing in print. In this unique, one-off piece commissioned especially for AH, Alex continues her exploration into storytelling through print, examining how personal and collective identities can be conveyed in a garment.

Collective Reflections Print visualises stories of two cities, Lisbon and Tallinn, identifying the progression from one collection to the next. It is designed as a t-shirt and scarf combination that can be worn together or separately, and features her signature fusion of print and hand-painted brush strokes.

Characters and scenes from daily life of the two cities interchange and fuse with dynamic and animated lines, forming contrasts to the bright palate of painted colour fields. Movement, colours and figures are captured and released through the sculptural form of the garment.















Additional information

Weight 0.04 kg
Dimensions 5 x 3 x 10 cm